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Black Millennial Renaissance is a network of Black Millennials and their allies fighting to end systemic racism. In the spirit of our ancestors and their fight for Civil Rights, we are answering the call of the Black Lives Matter Movement to organize, educate, and empower society to heal the wounds of slavery and the decades of discrimination and oppression that have followed.

Justice Pillars

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  1. To Spark critical dialogue in our communities about the realities of racism & oppression, and the ways we can individually and collectively tackle injustice; 

  2. To Provide tools, resources, and pathways to allyship. Allyship is a lifelong process and we will help individuals interested in tackling injustice to build relationships rooted in trust, learning, growth, consistency, and accountability; 

  3. To Develop frameworks for community groups, government agencies, businesses, academics, and law enforcement to tackle anti-Blackness and undo oppressive policies within their respective institutions; 

  4. To Work collaboratively with elected officials and local community groups to develop and elevate policy proposals that redesign our institutions through an equitable lens; 

  5. To Cultivate strong coalitions among all community organizations and across sectors, uniting through our shared values in our fight for justice, building the infrastructure to gain power.

  6. To Hold space for young people to process their emotions. We will provide tools and resources for young people to turn their pain into purpose, and ensure their voices are heard and centered when developing frameworks and crafting policies.


we believe in radical hope

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